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Peer Tutor Information

Tutoring Assistance Available

The Career Centre operates a very successful Peer Tutor program with over 75 students currently on our list who volunteer to assist fellow students in specific subject areas that they may be finding difficulty with.  If you are finding difficulty with any of your core subjects whether it is simply one unit, or several areas, please visit us in the Career Centre for information on our Peer Tutor program.  It is important for students to realize that this program is and should be utilized by students with all ranges of marks in all grades.

Become A Peer Tutor!!

We are always looking for students who are interested in becoming “Peer Tutors”.   This is a great way to gain some valuable volunteer hours, as well as to obtain a reference that can be used in your portfolio when you are applying for employment, scholarships, and post-secondary institutions.   The time commitment will vary from students requiring one help session in a subject area to several throughout the semester.    

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