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FNMI Graduation Feathers

First Nations, Metis, Inuit

Our Program is ultimately designed to support our FNMI students in successfully graduating. We have a room where students can come for academic support, if they need a quiet place to write a test, or if they require a little extra space for a period of time. We monitor student’s grades and attendance, and help them find solutions to the obstacles preventing them from experiencing success. We make referrals to counsellors and the career center. We communicate with their teachers, their Vice Principals, and contact home when it is beneficial. If they also attend other schools or take classes on line, we attempt to monitor their progress there as well.

We believe it is important to create a sense of belonging for our students so we have a Welcome to Thurber Pizza Lunch. We also have a FNMI Family Tea usually in conjunction with the grade 9 connection parent evening.

We also visit our grade 8’s in their middle school. As follow up and to ease transition, we invite them to Thurber and have a lunch and they participate in our version of the Amazing Race. This allows them to follow clues and learn to negotiate the halls of Thurber in preparation for when they join us in September.

In June, we have a Graduation Luncheon for our fantastic graduates and those that have helped them achieve this goal.

With Flex we have the opportunity to provide many excellent opportunities to bring people in to speak with our students. For example, we have had representatives from AADAC, Lethbridge College, Native Friendship Society and Rupertsland Institution. We also do cultural activities, such as smudging or making bannock.

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