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Career & Technology Studies


How It Works

CTS courses are 1 credit each and require lab, shop and classroom work of 25 hours to complete. Some of these courses require one of more prerequisites and are sequential in order. All of the required course material must be completed before a final grade can be posted for the course and the student can move on to the next course. Through the semester a student in an introductory class has the opportunity to achieve up to 5 individual course credits in a one period block. A student in a Intermediate or Advanced class has the opportunity to complete up to 10 individual course credits. The number of credits completed and received by a student in a CTS subject area depends completely on the dedication of the student and their desire to complete and learn the required course materials. CTS courses are skill based and some students may not complete all credit requirements and receive the credits for that course. However, some students‘ depending on their ability, desire, and dedication may have the opportunity to complete more than the offered credits for their class. Contact with the CTS class teacher is highly encouraged to further the parent/guardian understanding of the implementation of our CTS programs.

The CTS program is designed to develop skills that senior high students can apply in their daily lives when preparing for entry into the workplace or further learning opportunities. Students‘ in CTS can develop competence, and confidence in understanding and using existing technologies.

The benefits of taking CTS course are:

  • Relevant and engaging learning
  • Freedom in exploring multiple CTS disciplines leading to more specialized skills
  • Engagement in the student interests and passions
  • Opportunities to achieve post-secondary credentials while still in senior high school
  • Easier transition from senior high to post-secondary education, or the work force

The benefits to the employer of a student who has taken CTS courses are:

  • They have employees with knowledge and specialized skills
  • They might have post-secondary or industry credentials
  • They have motivated, well trained and engaged employees

Introductory level CTS courses help students build daily living skills and form the basis for further learning.

Intermediate level CTS courses build on the competencies developed at the introductory level providing a broader perspective.  Intermediate level courses help students recognize the wide range of related career opportunities available in CTS.

(Prerequisite: Minimum of 3 LTCHS acceptable introductory courses or Administrative recommendation)

Advanced level CTS courses refine expertise and help prepare students for entry into the work place or a related post-secondary program.

(Prerequisite: Minimum of 7 LTCHS acceptable intermediate courses or Administrative recommendation)

Course requirements are dependent on the subject area of a one or two period block.

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