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Inclusive Education

Knowledge and Employability

The purpose of these courses is to provide an alternative for those students who have not achieved academic success in middle school or high school, but have demonstrated a desire to learn, and a positive attitude. Students are considered for these courses upon recommendation of their school counsellor and with the approval of their parents. All candidates and their parents must attend an interview with the K & E coordinator before a placement can be confirmed.

Students will earn credits in these courses towards the Certificate of High School Achievement. After completing the certificate, students may continue working towards a High School Diploma.

Specialized Programming

Specialized programming at LTCHS offers individualized program plans based on each student‘s strengths, weaknesses, learning style, level of achievement and learning ability. Opportunities for inclusion into the regular stream are provided, based upon individual strengths.

Complimentary courses are offered to all students who are on an Individual Program Plan (IPP) at LTCHS. These students are included into the regular learning environment (scheduled classes) according to interest, suitability, readiness, and appropriateness of course requirements. The course curriculum, class expectations, level of inclusion, and learning out-comes will be modified on an individual basis for these students, based on their skill levels and specific goals that are determined in their IPP‘s. Based on recommendations from the cooperating teacher, classroom aides, and the student‘s assigned teacher, the level of integration and suitability of the course for each individual will be subject to review as the class progresses.

Specialized programming students MUST be referred by:

Nicola Golby
Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
Red Deer Public School
Phone: 342-3715

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