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Student Leadership


LTCHS Student Leadership Advisor

Ms. Kim Davidson (

Can you imagine the fun you can have when everyone gets excited and involved in school activities?  That is the job of the Student Leadership class!  Leadership runs all student council sponsored activities such as the Winter Formal, The Pep Rally, Week of Wicked, Thurber's Got Talent and X-Games!  Hardly a week goes by when Leadership is not working hard, imagining, planning and carrying out awesome activities that you can participate in and have a blast doing!

The Leadership program is facilitated by Ms. Norris Tuesdays afterschool. Any student can join the class and learn valuable leadership skills such as communication, public speaking, planning, organization and social skills at the beginning of the year.

We have close to 100 students in our program!  It's a great place to be!

Student Council 2023-2024



  1. They are determined—the most important factor in predicting success!
  2. They have a curiosity that compels them to research possibilities (anything and everything), yet the discipline to do so with focus.
  3. They have ambition, tempered by modesty.
  4. They are open to working with all types of students.
  5. They’re can-do. They like to take initiative and have the commitment to follow through.
  6. They are competitive––yet realize that collaboration leads to the most creative solutions.
  7. They are afraid to fail, but more afraid not to. Those who allow themselvesto fail also have the courage to take chances.
  8. They understand that they grow through laughter––with others and at themselves.
  9. They are bright  and quick.
  10. They’re indefatigable. Life as a leadership student is both physically and emotionally strenuous.


Organize and implement Leadership Activities (yes)!

Promote the Leadership Team (obviously)!

Promote school spirit (yay)!

Work collaboratively with community partners (bring it on)!

What does a student learn from Leadership?

Qualities of an effective leader

Effective interpersonal skills

Effective communication skills

Organizational skills

Decision making and conflict resolution skills

Teamwork and cooperation

Effective public relations

How to positively impact the school community

Upcoming Leadership Events

Check out our school calendar and social media accounts to stay up to date on all the upcoming leadership events!

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