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World Languages


Are you wanting to learn a new language??

See if you fit any of these categories:

  • You are wanting to move out of your regular routine to experience other cultures, foods, people and places or even go on an exchange trip!
  • You are aware of the number of different languages being spoken and written in Red Deer even as you go about your daily routine. 
  • You’re on vacation in a non-English country and you really feel you want to speak the language and learn more about what you’re eating.
  • You want to embark on a career in Engineering, Business, Medicine, Political Science, History or any other area that involves working with the world as a global citizen.
  • You are aware that a lot of universities have a second language as an entry requirement.

Ecole Secondaire Lindsay Thurber offers three international language and culture programs: French, Japanese and Spanish. The IB Program acknowledges that second language learning is essential in developing interculturally competent global citizens and we offer all 3 languages in the IB program as well. Any student interested is welcome to take our world language courses.


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Certify your language skills internationally with these tests

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