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Student Assistant Centre (SAC)

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic may have an impact on your mental health. It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry in these uncertain times. We want our students to know that resources are available if you need a little extra support.   

Please know that our school based counselling team is available for our students to continue to connect with. For students to access our counselling staff, please continue to use the same procedures as in the past. 

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

The Students’ Assistance Centre (SAC) at Lindsay Thurber provides comprehensive counselling services including:

  1. Educational Counselling
  2. Personal/ Social Counselling
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Referrals and Consulting

We are located above the main office in the SAC, 2nd floor room 2100.  Counsellors are available during school hours. 
Appointments can be made by contacting Colleen Pogmore at the SAC desk or by calling 403-314-2016.

Students can connect to a counsellor by:

Calling the SAC directly at (403) 314-2016 to make phone appointments.
You may also contact your counsellor directly through email:


Grade 9: Kevin Tennant -
Grade 10: Geoff McRorie -
Grade 11: Jackie Kure -
Grade 12: Alyson King -

Community Liaison Worker: Donnalee Thudium -


Christina Georgeson (Learning Assistance Teacher Grade 9)
Trina Penner (Learning Assistance Teacher Grade 10)
Alan Towne (Learning Assistance Teacher Grade 11)
Janelle Helgason  (Learning Assistance Teacher Grade 12)

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