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Sawyer Kiist Passion For Life Bursary

2022 is the final year for this bursary

On  March  3rd,  2017,  our son  Sawyer  was tragically  killed  in  a  car accident  at  the  age  of 24.  Together with  the  help  of  The  Cow  Patti  Theatre  Company,  where  Sawyer spent some time  acting,  we  decided  to  start a  bursary  and  keep  his  memory  alive. 

This  bursary  is open  to  all  young  individuals between  the  ages  of  1624  currently  living in  Central AB  (north  of  Airdrie  and  south  of  Leduc). As  the  name  implies,  it  is  for individuals who  have  a  passion  they  would  like  to  pursue  and  fulfill. It  need  not  be  for formal  education,  but  may  go  towards  your interest/passion  that  universities/colleges can  not  help  you  with. 

Since  its  inception  over three  years ago,  we  awarded  a  total of  $9, monies to  14  individuals to  date. 500  in  bursary We enjoy  seeing  the  wide  variety  of  interests  out  there. Don’t be  afraid  to  apply  no  matter your interest.  So  far, winners have  included individuals playing  in  a  heavy  metal  band  to  opera singing,  classic da nce  to  tattoo  art, volunteerism  to  interior design  to  glass  blowing.  We’ve  had  others who  were involved  in school/community  groups such  as  the  LGBTQ  and  helping  with  people  suffering  from depression.  Other  applicants  have  interests  in  animals, sports,  and gaming,  just  to name  a  few.  So  now  we  are  once  again  looking  for more applicants  to  submit  their names  for consideration.  Here’s how  you  do  it. 

You  can  either send  us  a  write  up  in  whatever form  you  find  comfortable,  whether  that be  a  short  essay,  power p oint,  informal letter,  etc.,  or send  a  video  of  yourself.  If relevant,  pictures  and/or links  are appreciated.  We  will also  need  a  couple  of  ways of contacting  you  in  case  you  are the  lucky  winner (email  and  phone  number).  As  far as what  we  will consider as a  valid  interest…anything!  Don’t be  afraid  to  try.  And  also important,  we  want  to  hear about  you.  Knowing  who  you  really  are can  help  us  in choosing  a  winner,  as it  did  for all  the  winners so  far.  We  will once  again  be  awarding  up to  4  bursaries  of  up  to $1000  a  piece.  

The  deadline  for submissions  to  be  received is 11:59  pm on  April 20, 2022 

We hope  to  do  some  interviews of  the  potential winners this year, so  you  must  be available  for that,  as well  as be  available  to  make  it  to  the  Bursary  Presentation. We will be  awarding  the  winners at  a  BBQ  potluck  at  our  farm  on  July  9,  2022.  (We  will be following  whatever the  Alberta  Health  Regulations will be  at  the  time.) 

Good  luck! 

Send  applications  to: 

or mail  to: 

Rudy/Marie  Kiist 

Box  7  Site  5  RR 3 

Ponoka  AB 

 T4J  1R3

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