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Grad Portraits


Grad Photography Dates: 

Session 1: December 4 - 7, December 11 - 15, 2023

Session 2: January 19 - 25, 2024

Session Fee: $40 - this fee must be paid should you wish to order photos

December Location: 181 Dowler St, Red Deer, AB T4R 2J4

This is the Deer Park Community Shelter by Holy Family School

The shelter is approximately 1.1 KM from Hunting Hills (15-minute walk, 3-minute drive)


The sessions will be 30 minutes, and we will do formal cap/gown photos as well as casual photos (ex. jeans/t-shirt, sports uniform, etc). Lifetouch highly suggests a dress shirt and tie or a v-neck or scoop-neck top for formal photos. Lifetouch provides the blue cap and gown for photography. Lifetouch does not supply shirts and ties for graduates to use.  

The use of props provided by Lifetouch (roses, diploma scroll) is voluntary. They have implemented safety protocols for sanitizing props or will provide one-time use props for each sitting. Graduates may also bring appropriate props to be included in their sitting. (ex. Football, musical instrument, etc). No pets are allowed.  

The booking website will be officially open! You are NOT required to enter an 8-digit code. Please select the Province and City using the drop-down menu, and click on Hunting Hills to book

The booking link to the website is: 

Need tips on how to dress? Visit the Lifetouch website below


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