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Learning Commons


Monday - Friday: 8:15am - 4:15pm


What is it?

It’s a philosophy.

It’s a multi-layered approach to accommodate and engage different types of learners.

The learning commons evolved from a combination library and computer lab into a full-service learning, research, and project space.

It’s an area where students can rearrange furniture to accommodate impromptu planning sessions or secure a quiet place to work.

The learning commons offers spaces for collaborative group meetings/projects. Providing tools to support outcomes. (Research tools/technology)

Its strength lies in the relationships with the school community. Collaboration with students, teachers, community partners.

An effective learning commons promotes active, engaged learning while ensuring quiet areas for those who require them.


As an integral part of the Hunting Hills High School community, the Learning Commons will offer students and staff a safe space to work,  collaborate, create , and learn in an inviting, vibrant, flexible environment.


The learning commons will create a stimulating learning environment by providing resources in multiple formats that address a wide range of learning needs. One that will support school curriculum, collaboration, develop research skills and encourage student success by making current technology and physical space available. Given the right tools and environment, students will become lifelong learners.

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