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Work Experience

“WORK EXPERIENCE: Education in the Community”

“One of the best courses in high school.” - Student

“Every student should have to take Work Experience.” - Employer

Students with meaningful and relevant work experience have significantly better employment opportunities than those without. 

Whether your plans are to work after high school or pursue college or university, ALL students need Work Experience to find out about careers and the world of work. These are some of the many placements available to students in Work Experience:

  • Dental Assistant
  • Interior Decorator
  • Mechanic
  • Teacher
  • Electronics Technician
  • Bank Teller
  • Secretary
  • Travel Agent
  • Architect
  • Broadcasting 
  • Welder
  • Child Care Worker
  • Police Officer
  • Funeral Director     
  • Animal Health Technician

In partnership with local employers, students in Work Experience earn credits while employed at work sites in the community that relate to a student’s future career plans. This provides an opportunity to:

  • explore possible career areas
  • understand employer expectations
  • see the relation between school and work
  • develop work skills
  • benefit from employer contacts
  • obtain references

Work Experience is offered for 5 or more credits which require 25 hours of employment per credit. 

Students must complete a one-credit 30 level work place safety systems module (HCS 3000), before work hours can be counted towards credits.

This is an Alberta Education Requirement. Work Experience is intended for Grade 11 & Grade 12 students.


HCS 3000 Safety Course Dates:

FALL:  Check HHHS Calendar (typically the 2nd weekend in September each year)

SPRING: Check HHHS Calendar (typically the 2nd weekend in February each year)

Mr. Brookwell to find out how and when you can take this module or click HERE to learn more.

For more information, contact our Work Experience Coordinator:

Mr. Don Brookwell, 

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