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The real fun courses. CTS classes are modular-based. Each module is worth one credit. Courses are made up of either five or six credits. Students are capable of receiving six credits in a CTS course- assuming they meet all the requirements. It is important to complete required modules which are pre-requisites to 20 and 30 level courses. Without the pre-requisites students will not be able to enroll in the proceeding level. IMPORTANT: If students do not receive at least 5 credits in a 20 level course, they will not be allowed to move on to a 30 level course.

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Career and Technology Studies (CTS) in Alberta is responding to the many challenges of modern society. CTS strives to help young people develop daily living skills, and at the same time nurtures a flexible, well-qualified work force. Students in CTS develop competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes through a variety of courses.

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