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Athletics Information


Hunting Hills High School opened its doors in the fall of 1994.  We have a very proud history of excellence in Athletics and many of our teams and athletes consistently participate in and challenge for Provincial Championships in all the programs we offer.  Several of our individual athletes and teams have been provincials champions and provincial medal winners, including our 2012 Provincial Champions Matt Codd in golf and Matt Hope in cross-country running.  Our success is a product of the dedicated efforts of student-athletes, parents, coaches, staff, and volunteers.  Our Athletics Program is well supported by an outstanding student body.

Hunting Hills High School has a large main competition gymnasium and secondary gymnasium, both which can be subdivided into two smaller gyms so that all types of team sports and instructional groups can be accommodated. Our fitness centre is located on the second floor and overlooks the gymnasiums.  This space allows for a full range of equipment for staff and students to use.  


Our philosophy is to provide student-athletes with the opportunities to develop life skills that will help them become responsible and contributing citizens in the local and global community.  Through their participation in sport, they will develop their own individual sport specific skills and also learn valuable important character traits such as teamwork, fair play, honesty and integrity.


At Hunting Hills High School, Athletics provides an opportunity for our student-athletes to excel as individuals, team members, and members of their community. Athletics is and will always be an integral part of the educational experience for our students. The success of our athletic program depends on the understanding and cooperation of the administration and faculty in carrying out the basic athletic policies of the Alberta Schools Athletic Association, Central Alberta School Athletic Association, Red Deer Public School District, and Hunting Hills High School.  

The Athletic program offers something for each of our students from fall right through until June. We offer 12 different sports to 28 teams so hopefully there is something for everyone.  It is our goal that our student athletes strive for excellence each and every day, and that they are successful in finding a balance between academics and athletics as they embrace a lifelong involvement in physical activity for their own well being. 


We are so very proud of our athletes and the Athletics Program at Hunting Hills High School.  We are able to offer so many different athletic opportunities for our students. As a school, we are pleased to offer some of the finest tournaments in the province, attracting top teams from across Alberta and beyond.  All of our athletes and teams play with passion and determination and represent Hunting Hills with dignity and class, showing such great pride in our school.  This success can be credited to our athletes, coaches, and parents for their commitment to our program, as well as to our staff and students who all proudly wear our Lightning colours and represent our school with pride.

Mr. Ryan Kure

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