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School Fees


Fee Name/DescriptionPer Student Fee
2022/2023 School Year
Fee Category
Band Trip$285.00Activity Fees
Bio 30 Knee Surgery Calgary Field Trip$25.00Activity Fees
Bio AP DNA RDC Lab$0.00Activity Fees
Chinese Field trip (Edmonton)$10.00Activity Fees
Cosmetology Field Trip$10.00Activity Fees
Dance field trip$5.00Activity Fees
Dances (Snowball Dance Tickets)$0.00Activity Fees
Drama Field Trip all grades (LTCHS play)$8.00Activity Fees
Drama Field Trip- Theatre (Color Purple)$40.00Activity Fees
English Advance Field Trip (theatre)$51.00Activity Fees
English Field Trip-grade 9$15.00Activity Fees
French -Beaumont/ Edmonton field trip$25.00Activity Fees
Grad Corn Maze Field Trip$13.00Activity Fees
Grad Event - Wakefest$40.00Activity Fees
Leadership Field Trip (Horizons)$20.00Activity Fees
Leadership We Day$20.00Activity Fees
Leadership year-end retreat$10.00Activity Fees
School Transportation field trips (Fuel, use of bus)$75.00Activity Fees
Science 9 Zoo/ Telus Field Trip$20.00Activity Fees
Science Field Trip - CtrlV virtual reality center (Chem 20)$7.00Activity Fees
Science Riverwatch Field Trip$25.00Activity Fees
Social Studies Field Trip$15.00Activity Fees
Social Studies field trip - grade 9$20.00Activity Fees
Social Studies Field trip Grade 9$25.00Activity Fees
Spanish Field Trip$30.00Activity Fees
Swim Fee - Collicut$6.25Activity Fees
All-Star Banquet$0.00Extracurricular Fees
Athletic Banquet tickets (optional)$20.00Extracurricular Fees
Badminton - Grade 9 - Fee$23.50Extracurricular Fees
Badminton - Senior - Fee$38.50Extracurricular Fees
Basketball - Gr 9 Boys$300.00Extracurricular Fees
Basketball - Gr 9 Girls Fee$300.00Extracurricular Fees
Basketball - JV Boys Fees$420.00Extracurricular Fees
Basketball - JV Girls Fee$420.00Extracurricular Fees
Basketball - SR Boys Fee$595.00Extracurricular Fees
Basketball - SR Girls Fee$595.00Extracurricular Fees
Bike-a-thon registration (optional)$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Boxing Club Fee$80.00Extracurricular Fees
Cheer Fee$65.00Extracurricular Fees
Chinese Exam$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Chinese Exam - Level 2$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Comic Expo$50.00Extracurricular Fees
Cross Country - Fee$76.00Extracurricular Fees
Cross Country - Provincial Fee$75.00Extracurricular Fees
Cross Country retreat$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Curling$100.00Extracurricular Fees
Esport-on-line Games Club - Competitive$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Esport-on-line Games Club - Non-competitive$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Football Banquet tickets$25.00Extracurricular Fees
Football - Bantam Spring Camp$50.00Extracurricular Fees
Football Bantam - ESKIMO Game$30.00Extracurricular Fees
Football-Bantam Fees$400.00Extracurricular Fees
Football-Senior Fees$450.00 Extracurricular Fees
Golf - Fee$70.00Extracurricular Fees
Golf - Fee Zones$45.00Extracurricular Fees
Handball - Boys$85.00Extracurricular Fees
Handball - Boys$85.00Extracurricular Fees
Handball - Girls$85.00Extracurricular Fees
Handball - Girls$85.00Extracurricular Fees
Live @ H talent show$10.00Extracurricular Fees
Rugby - Boys - Fee$260.00Extracurricular Fees
Rugby - Girls - Fee$260.00Extracurricular Fees
Ski Club Trip (optional)$119.00Extracurricular Fees
Skills - Provincials$95.00Extracurricular Fees
Soccer - Boys - Fee$65.00Extracurricular Fees
Soccer - Girls - Fee$65.00Extracurricular Fees
Spring Golf Program$15.00Extracurricular Fees
Spring Volleyball Camp$30.00Extracurricular Fees
Tennis - Fee$40.00Extracurricular Fees
Track - Gr 9 - Fee$42.00Extracurricular Fees
Track - Senior - Fee$60.00Extracurricular Fees
Track - Senior - Fee$60.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Gr 9 Boys$155.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Gr 9 Girls Blue$155.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Gr 9 Girls White$100.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Junior Boys - Fee$375.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Junior Girls -Fee$390.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Senior Boys - Fee$690.00Extracurricular Fees
Volleyball - Senior Girls - Fee$630.00Extracurricular Fees
Band - Instrument Rental - Percussion$75.00Fees for Optional Courses
Band - Instrument Rental$150.00Fees for Optional Courses
Band - Intro Instrument Rental $100.00
Cosmetology Mannequin$45.00Fees for Optional Courses
Music - Rockband$125.00Fees for Optional Courses
Grad Banquet TicketsN/A
Grad Fee$55.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
HHHS T-shirts$15.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Hunting Gear$ -Non-curricular Goods and Services
Locker Rental$0.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Music -Jazz Tie$15.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Parking Passes - replacement$5.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Parking Passes (optional)$50.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Strong Interest Inventory$15.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Student ID replacement$5.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Student photo ID$2.50Non-curricular Goods and Services
Student Union fee$5.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Yearbook purchased online not through the school$50.00Non-curricular Goods and Services
Fine Arts France Trip$0.00Non-Curricular Travel
Improv Club CIG/Nosebowl$275.00Non-Curricular Travel
Improv Nationals$995.85Non-Curricular Travel
Leadership - Leadership Conference$1,250.00Non-Curricular Travel
Leadership ASLC Conference$350.00Non-Curricular Travel
Leadership Conference (Global Vision) Edmonton$200.00Non-Curricular Travel
Leadership Junior High Conference$80.00Non-Curricular Travel
Ski TripVariesNon-Curricular Specific 

New 2022-2023 Fees

Ceramics Art Clay$30.00Activity Fees
Basketball Grade 9 Boys (White)$150.00Extracurricular Fees
PE 30 Ski Trip$120.00Activity Fees

These are estimated costs. Actual costs will be defendant upon actual expenses. Some of the extra-curricular/activities/travel may not be offered in the current year
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