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Pursuit of Excellence


Students pursuing excellence in an extracurricular activity often experience conflict between the required training, rehearsing, practicing, performing, competing and their educational schedule. These students often spend time away from school chasing their dream. Our Pursuit Of Excellence Program will provide flexible academic programming allowing students the opportunity to achieve their academic and extracurricular goals. Students in the program will be supported in their academic subjects in the development of a modified schedule and provided assistance as required. 

Students will receive up to 15 credits outside of the regular timetable: 

Grade 9 - Grade 10

  • 21st Century Learning (6 credits + technology to support future academic needs) 

Grade 10 - Grade 11

  • Phys Ed 10 / CALM 20  (6 graduation requirement credits), and 

Grade 11 - Grade 12

  • The Workplace Bundle (3 credits at the 30 level) 

The Pursuit of Excellence Program provides a quality education within a caring environment, customized for students who require a flexible schedule to meet their demands outside of the traditional classroom.

Thank you for your interest in Hunting Hills High School and the Pursuit Of Excellence Program. If you would like to find out more, please contact the school at (403) 342-6655 and ask for the grade level administrator.

Complete the application below for admission consideration.

Pursuit Of Excellence Program Application Form

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