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To be eligible to take part in the Graduation Ceremonies and the Grand March Grade 12, students must be registered and passing in a program of applicable courses that will enable them to obtain a minimum of 100 credits by the end of June 2024. The cutoff date this year is MAY 10, 2024. This is the date used to determine if a student has met the eligibility criteria. The following information can be found in the 2023 - 2024 Student Handbook. The graduation requirements for the Alberta High School Diploma as well as requirements to attend HHHS graduation ceremonies are outlined as follows:

Minimum of 100 credits which must include:

  • English 30-1 or English 30-2
  • Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2
  • Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Math 20-3
  • Science 20, Science 24, Biology 20, Chemistry 20, OR Physics 20
  • Physical Education 10 (3 credits)
  • Career & Life Management 20 (CALM 20) (3 credits)
  • 10 credits in any 30 level courses other than English 30-1/30-2 & Social Studies 30-1/30-2.
  • 10 credits from any CTS course, Fine Arts, Second Languages, Phys. Ed. 20 and/or 30.

Students must have completed or have a grade above 45% in the requirements listed above to be on the grad list and take part in our graduation ceremony. If the student is taking an online course they will be required to have completed the majority of the course 2 weeks prior to the graduation date. Students who are taking diploma required classes online must have:

  • 40% completed of a 5 credit class or 65% of a 3 credit class 4 weeks prior to graduation
  • 50% completed of a 5 credit class or 70% of a 3 credit class 3 weeks prior to graduation
  • 60% completed of a 5 credit class or 75% of a 3 credit class 2 weeks prior to graduation

It is the responsibility of all Grade 12 students to ensure that they are on the official Grad lists (posted throughout the year on the Grad Wall in the Gathering Area). If a student is not on the grad list, they will need to talk to the grade 12 administrator Mr. Ryan Kure or Ms. Holly Vollans in the Career Suite [PLEASE NOTE: Being on the Grad list does not ensure your student will achieve a Grade 12 Diploma – it shows who is eligible for a diploma if they pass all their courses in June and allows participation in Grad.]

To do a quick check or overview of your child's graduation courses, you can use this document to summarize whether he/she has completed or is in the process of completing the requirements needed to meet the Government of Alberta guidelines for graduation. You can find more information on the Government of Alberta website regarding graduation. 


It is mandatory that your son/daughter sign up for myPass on the Government of Alberta website ( ) as that is the official site where their credits are stored and determines whether they meet graduation requirements. *for clarification of courses, please see the Career Advisor @ HHHS (Ms. Holly Vollans) or the student's Grade 12 Administrator: Mr. Ryan Kure

Please ensure name spellings are correct when reviewing the grad list. Contact Ms. Holly Vollans (Career Suite) if there are any errors or omissions. 
(*Note: Certificates and the Graduation Program/Student List will display AKA NAMES. LEGAL NAMES WILL BE USED ON YOUR ACTUAL DIPLOMA)


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