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Grand March & Prom


  • The grand march is a time for graduating students to walk all dressed up with a partner or small group in front of parents, guardians, and other family members.
  • The grand march will take place at LTCHS at 7:00 pm at LTCHS. 
  • Only LTCHS 2023 Graduates can participate in the Grand March


  • Prom will commence immediately after the grand march in the Main Gym. 
  • Prom will end at 10:30 PM
  • Parents, guardians, and other Grand March spectators will be asked to leave for the duration of the prom. 
  • Prom tickets are included in the Graduation Fee. 
  • Graduates are welcome to invite 1 guest. Guest tickets must be purchase after guest referral form has been approved. (Guests must be a current high school student in grades 10-12)

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