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Valedictorian for Lindsay Thurber reflects on high school career

Amanda Beasley

With her sights set on a career as a pharmacist, this year’s Valedictorian at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School credits the French Immersion Program and International Baccalaureate Program (IB) for her success so far.

Amanda Beasley was recently named the Class of 2024 Valedictorian for Lindsay Thurber.

“In Grades 9, 10 and 11 I had gotten the top grade for the year, so others were asking me if I was going to try for Valedictorian. I am really pleased that I did,” said Amanda. “Throughout high school, I was partially doing French Immersion classes, and partially IB classes. It’s interesting being integrated into those two groups because they are different, but I also feel part of both, which is nice.”

Amanda said there have been many highlights over her high school career, some of which include the arts and athletics.

“I’ve been in the band program since Grade 9 and last year we went to Niagara Falls to participate in the National Music Festival,” she said, adding she played the clarinet for Lindsay Thurber Symphonic Band, and played in various other ensembles over the years. “It was a very good experience and we had an opportunity to hear bands from all over Canada from middle school bands to professional bands.”

Amanda also played on Lindsay Thurber’s badminton and soccer teams for the last three years and said it helped her form relationships with peers that she wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with.

“I think my experience through high school has been better because I have had the opportunity to be involved with different programs, students and teachers,” she said. “Relationships have been a big part of my success. The teachers have always given me encouragement, not just academically, but also just as a person in general.”

As the Lindsay Thurber graduation is right around the corner on May 24, Amanda said she is looking forward to celebrating with her classmates.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that I have grown up with since elementary school at the ceremony to celebrate our accomplishments,” she said. “Even though we have all had different experiences throughout high school, we have had experiences that we won’t forget and that have shaped us as people. I hope everyone has made at least a couple of relationships they can carry forward that can support them in the future.”

Looking ahead, Amanda has been accepted to the University of Alberta where she will major in Biochemistry. “This will allow me to get the prerequisite classes to go into pharmacy,” she said. “I’m most looking forward to campus life - it’s a step towards adulthood, but I’m not completely on my own.”

Chris Good, Principal at Lindsay Thurber, said Amanda is an example of a student who makes the school a better place every day.

“Her dedication and work ethic serve as a model for all students to emulate. The kind and respectful way she treats students and staff is appreciated by everyone who has been lucky enough to get to know her,” he said. “Being named Valedictorian is a well deserved honour for a student who has put in the work and time to achieve this.”

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