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About Our Programs


A passion for sport can positively drive a passion for education and character development. Our goal is to integrate excellence in education, athletics, and positive character development in every day of our student-athletes’ educational experience. 

  • We intend to foster a love of physical activity and sport in our student athletes
  • We hope to build confidence and resiliency through sport.

Come see what passion-driven education can do for you!

The Academy is open to male and female students of all skill levels. We welcome student athletes who are passionate about sports, who want to improve themselves, and have a desire to learn and commit to improvement and progression. Students must be self-motivated, have a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, be dedicated to success and have a desire to become leaders. Our philosophy is one of growth and development. The academy promotes sports development and life skills in our student athletes, creating good citizens who will make wise choices, and show respect, enthusiasm, confidence, cooperation and independence.

All Sports Academy students will be provided with instruction in:

  • Fitness Development
  • Leadership
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Psychology
  • Team Building
  • Character Development
  • Health
  • Physical Education


The power and appeal of Sports will have a positive effect on our students and our Red Deer community.

3 A’s (Academy Goals & Expectations)


  • All students in the academy will be referred to as “student athletes”. They are a student and then an athlete.  
  • Academics are the priority of the academy. 


  • The academy will benefit students who are self-motivated.  
  • All students are expected to put forth their best effort and demonstrate a high level of respect on a daily basis (facilities, coaches, classroom teachers, and classmates).


  • All students will be accountable for behavior, attitude and level of effort both individually and within a class.  
  • Students will demonstrate a positive attitude & behavior.  
  • Students are expected to attend regularly.  This is a critical component for students to be successful in the Academy Program.

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