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Central Services Staff Directory

Superintendent's Office

Erickson, Chad - Superintendent
Lower, Dan - Deputy Superintendent
Deditch, Mandy - Executive Assistant
Black, Erin - Communications Specialist
Murchie, Alanna - Receptionist
Spendiff, Larissa - Fund Development & Community Relations  

Board of Trustees

Buchanan, Nicole - Chair
Macaulay, Dianne - Vice Chair
Gould, Matt - Trustee
Manning, Bev - Trustee
Peacocke, Cathy - Trustee
Sommers, Angela - Trustee
Watters, Jim - Trustee

Programs of Choice

Ward, Lance - Program of Choice Director

Business Services

Cairney, Colin - Corporate Treasurer
Wearmouth, Lucille - Finance Manager
Galloway, Shawna - Accounting Coordinator
Gamblin, Samantha - Accounting Technician
Hutchison, Becky - Facility Bookings
Streit, Kimberly - Finance Support
Wegleitner, Jackie - OH & S Coordinator
Wren, Eileen - Accounts Payable Specialist

People Services

Thorsteinson, Corrine - Associate Superintendent
Broad, Nancy - Executive Assistant
Bakke, Cheryl - Director, People Services
Jones, Trina - People Services Coordinator
McLellan, Tessa - Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Classified Staff & CUPE
Meaney, Deborah - Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Teachers 

International Education

Plastow, Brian - Director of International Education
Loeppky, Lisa - International Education Coordinator
Cunningham, Kerry - Administrative Assistant
Ringham, Sandi - Homestay Coordinator

Learning Services

Lower, Dan - Deputy Superintendent
Wright, Peggy - Executive Assistant
Crawford, Glenda - Teacher, Behaviour Support Team
Deans, Tori - Psychiatric Nurse, Behaviour Support Team
Jansen, Sherri - Coordinator, Learning Services
Jensen, Shari - Coordinator, Learning Services
Nye, Amy - Coordinator, Learning Services
Ramsden, Kati - Coordinator, Learning Services
Siler, Nate - Coordinator, Learning Services

Student Services

Golby, Nicola - Associate Superintendent
Skelding, Denise - Executive Assistant
Crawford, Glenda - Teacher, Behaviour Support Team
Deans, Tori - Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Behaviour Support Team
Grainger, Sean - Coordinator, Student Services
Green, Susan - Coordinator, Student Services
Kooman, Chris - Coordinator, Student Services
Kutney, Janice - Clinical Supervisor, CLW
Paolinelli, Ashley - Coordinator, Student Services
Stolte, Carolyn - Coordinator, Student Services

Technology And Information Services

Eberts, Ron - Associate Superintendent
Wirtanen, Tracy - Certified Director, Educational Technology
Christen, Hayley - Coordinator, First Nations, Métis, Inuit Learning Services
Lakey, Terry - Teacher, First Nations, Métis, Inuit Learning Services 
Balanger, Carl - Information Technology Specialist
Bastell, Robert - Network Administrator
Grenier, Dale - System Analyst
Gislason, Jeff - Hardware Support Specialist
Henry, Matt - Information Technology Specialist
Herr, Justin - Information Technology Specialist 
Lorenson, Dave - System Analyst
Pell, Crystal - Information Technology Specialist
Rebrinsky, Ryan - Information Technology Specialist 
Scharf, Glen - Information Technology Specialist
Smathers, Floyd - Information Technology Specialist


Humphrey, Scott - Transportation Coordinator

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