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SportFit Academy

Student athletes will be given the opportunity to better understand the values of long term athletic development early in their lives while participating in a variety of sports and activities that will encourage them to be active for life. 

SportFit is offered to middle school students only and helps athletes keep physically active and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is a fun, convenient way to learn new sports and helps students develop and expand their physical abilities, while learning   about proper nutrition and training habits that support athletic development.

Potential Activities include:  Archery, CrossFit, cross country skiing, curling, cycling / mountain biking, hiking, martial arts, Pilates, yoga, rugby, skating, tennis, athletics out of The Dome (football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, archery tag, capture the flag, dodgeball, obstacle courses)

This Academy is an alternative program providing students with the opportunity to enhance their activity experiences during the school day. Using numerous adventurous indoor and outdoor activities students will be able to experience activity in a variety of settings that will enhance physical literacy. Middle school students will receive 60 minutes of activity a day, while high school students will receive 90 minutes. 


  • Middle School - $1050 a year

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