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Gateway Valedictorian thankful for education journey

Gateway Valedictorian

With a focus on academic excellence, as well as fostering relationships with her peers and staff, this year’s Valedictorian at Gateway Christian School said she is excited to receive the honour.

Eva said when she first heard the news she was surprised.

“It’s something that I was thinking of before they announced, and I wondered who it could be,” she said. “I am honoured, and I am really excited to write my speech for grad.”

During her high school years in particular, Eva said she valued her academics.

“I thought it would be cool to be Valedictorian, and I put a lot of effort into getting good grades,” she said. “To reach that achievement feels really good.”

Eva added that she has made some great memories at Gateway Christian School and Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School as part of the ‘Gurber’ Program.

“I have loved being involved in the musicals at Lindsay Thurber. For Legally Blonde, I was involved in the technical side, and for The Little Mermaid, I was acting. It’s something I want to continue,” she said. “I also love all the teachers at Gateway and Thurber. Because I am thinking about going into teaching, it’s been great to talk to them about that, and get information from them. I have also really enjoyed getting to know so many of my peers, too.”

The Class of 2024 at Gateway Christian School will graduate on June 27, and as the celebration gets closer, Eva said there is excitement in the air. “I am really looking forward to celebrating with everyone,” she said. “I love the atmosphere at Gateway - I am going to miss it a lot.”

As part of being named Valedictorian, Eva will address her fellow graduates during the ceremony with a speech.

“The theme of our grad this year is ‘Have Faith in your Future’, so I have been pulling that apart and looking at that specifically,” she said. “But I also want to brainstorm some ideas of stories and memories from Gateway, so that it can be personal to all the students as well.”

Looking ahead, Eva said she has aspirations to go into education in some capacity.

“I have put a lot of thought into being a teacher and I want to go into education,” she said. “Next year, however, I am going to be taking Grade 13 for a couple of extra classes that I want to get before I go into post-secondary. I think it will also give me a little bit of time to solidify my plans.”

Geannette Lehman, Principal at Gateway Christian School, said Eva is very deserving of the Valedictorian honour.

“Eva’s teachers describe her as a dedicated and driven student, who embraces learning with curiosity and passion. She is known for being determined, approaching challenges and learning with a fierceness that drives her both in her academic and leadership endeavours,” she said. “Eva is also known for her compassion and kindness, and one who authentically lives out respect and empathy for others. As a student who has attended Gateway for all 13 years, she represents her classmates, our school, and our community beautifully!”

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