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Baseball Academy Teacher

Patrick Sweiger - Baseball Academy Teacher

Growing up in Red Deer, Patrick was determined to be the best version of himself, as a person and as an athlete. He is passionate about encouraging and role modeling a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

Patrick began his teaching career with Red Deer Public Schools in 2021. He is a firm believer that building strong relationships with those around him is the foundation for effective growth and learning. His experience teaching in schools, coaching, and running summer camps has made him realize that he is happiest when working with youth. His core values include fostering connection, growth and health, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.


  • Bachelor of Education, University of Alberta/Red Deer College
  • 3 Years Kinesiology, Red Deer College/University of Lethbridge
  • 1 Year Psychology, Red Deer College

Teaching Experience

  • Elementary School Teacher - Red Deer Public Schools
  • Substitute Teacher - Red Deer Public Schools

Playing Experience

  • RDC Kings Soccer
  • University of Lethbridge Pronghorns

Coaching Experience

  • Head Coach and Technical Coach - SC Central Alberta & The DOME Red Deer
  • Head Coach and Technical Coach - Red Deer Renegades Soccer Club
  • Head Coach - Alberta Summer Games
  • Assistant Coach - Red Deer Women’s Alberta Major Soccer League

The Baseball Academy will include The DOME delivering a program differentiated for baseball athletes, which will progress following their five pillars of Athletic development. There will be three distinct grade groups that receive instruction at different times of the day. Patrick will be responsible for the evaluation of curricular objectives of the courses that the students are enrolled in. Where and when feasible, he will help facilitate and teach during Academy times.

The DOME will provide the facility, equipment, and instructor(s) to facilitate and run each academy session. The DOME will provide the following staffing levels:

  • Grade 6 - 1 Baseball coach
  • Grades 7/8 - 1 Baseball coach
  • High School - 2 Baseball coaches

The number and duration of the sessions for each grade group are as follows:

  • Grade 6 - 84 - 60 minute sessions
  • Grades 7/8 - 84 - 60 minute sessions
  • High School - 141- 90 minute sessions

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