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Route Status

Is my child's bus canceled? Is my child's bus delayed? To check on charter busing status (delays, cancellations, etc.), please click on School Bus Monitor

Parents of children riding any RDPSD regular yellow school bus can be notified in real-time, via an email whenever your child's school bus is canceled or delayed for 10 minutes or more. Just click the School Bus Monitor link, then click where it says to receive email alerts, and fill in the information. You will need to submit an email address, confirm email address, and Carrier ( use PBL), then agree to terms and hit "proceed".  Once you are in, you can choose a school and then add selected bus routes. The intent of this monitoring system is to keep parents informed of their child’s particular bus status. If you registered for the service, and felt a bus was late but didn't hear anything, it could have been due to your bus being within the 10 minute late timing window. Prairie Bus Lines works very hard to get the information out as soon as possible. Please keep in mind the information has to come from the driver, to dispatch, then to the system, so there is some time needed to get the update out to the public. This link is controlled by Prairie Bus Lines and includes multiple school divisions. Please make sure that you are looking at Red Deer Public Schools in the search criteria.

RDPSD transportation will also typically send out a message through school messenger informing parents of late buses in the form of an email and phone call to the contact information in Powerschool using School Messenger. There is also an option to receive texts from this system. Because there could be text charges from your provider, you are required to "opt in" to receive this service. To subscribe to this service, simply text "Y" or "yes" to 978338 which is our district code. You will receive a response saying you are now registered. You can also opt out of this messaging at any time by simply replying "stop" to one of the messages.

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