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Hunting Hills Valedictorian reflects on high school career

Alena Wang

With aspirations throughout high school to be named Valedictorian for her graduating class at Hunting Hills High School, Alena Wang was thrilled to learn that she achieved her long standing goal.

“I was really hoping to be named Valedictorian, and I remember when they came down to announce it to me, my heart was beating out of my chest. It was an insane feeling, and I couldn’t wait to tell my parents,” she said. “Something that my parents have always told me was that being a good student is really important. I feel the same way and having something to work towards is really important. My goal was academic excellence. It felt really validating and satisfying to achieve that.”

Alena was a well-rounded student throughout her time in high school playing the piano in the jazz band, being part of the Trivia Club and Math Club, as well as playing tennis for the high school team. She was also Student Council President this past year, and on the Grad Executive Committee. In her spare time, Alena volunteers at the Red Deer Regional Hospital and spends time working towards her Piano Diploma.

“My years in high school were really great. My Social Studies 10-20-30 class in Grade 10 was a real highlight for me,” she said. “It was an accelerated class where you take all three courses in the span of one year. But what was impactful was the community that we formed in that class. I am still friends with the group that I had in that class, and it solidified a lot of the connections that I have made.”

As part of being named Valedictorian, Alena is looking forward to addressing her class.

“I am starting to think about my message to my classmates and I think I will talk about the memories that we have made, especially the nostalgia aspect. We have had a lot of nostalgia themes for our grad year, so it’s fitting,” she said. “Mostly, I am really proud of everyone graduating. I know everyone has had individual struggles, and it’s such a monumental time that we have been anticipating for so long. I am really grateful these are the people I get to graduate with.”

Alena added as for her graduation day she is looking forward to celebrating with her whole class. “Grad is a day where our whole class gets together and we all unite over our achievements. We can bond together with others we haven’t had a chance to build relationships with,” she said.

As for what’s next, Alena will attend the University of British Columbia where she is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program with a Major in Anatomical and Physiological Sciences. Her end goal is to have a career in the medical field.

Darwin Roscoe, Principal at Hunting Hills High School, said Alena was honoured as this year’s Valedictorian due to her outstanding academic achievements.

“Beyond her academic brilliance, what truly sets her apart is her exceptional kindness, compassion, and generosity,” he said. “She embodies the ‘Power of H’ qualities we aspire to see in all our students at Hunting Hills.”

Graduation ceremonies for Hunting Hills will take place May 23 at the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre.

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