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Christian Education Alternative

Gateway Christian School provides students with a unique K-12 opportunity within the public school system. We believe in academic excellence through a faith-infused worldview. 

At Gateway Christian, we invite students to find their place in God’s story and interweave this invitation into every academic subject and experience. A Gateway Christian education will help students to: 

  • Discover the beauty and intricacies of God’s creations
  • Develop skills and an awareness of the vital, unique role they play in the unfolding of God’s story
  • Translate their learning into real service for real people with real needs

As a K-12 school, we nurture our students in a friendly, tight-knit community of faith-based individuals. We see every child as a child of God and provide individual opportunities for learning. We support resilience and a dedication to hard work through our growth mindset. At Gateway Christian, our children are equally important.

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