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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

  • Our Mission Statement: To provide academic excellence through a Christ-centered education, equipping students to pursue lives of meaning and purpose.
  • Gateway Christian School: Have faith in your future.


At Gateway Christian, we invite students to find their place in God’s story and interweave this invitation into every academic subject and experience. A Gateway Christian education will help students to:

  • Discover the beauty and intricacies of God’s creations
  • Develop skills and an awareness of the vital, unique role they play in the unfolding of God’s story
  • Translate their learning into real service for real people with real needs

Teaching for Transformation (TfT)

We use the Teaching for Transformation (TfT) framework. This framework helps our teachers develop learning experiences that are grounded in a Christian worldview. Gateway Christian teachers transform academic lessons into Biblically-based, faith-infused learning using: 

  • StoryLines: Helping students understand the story of the creation, fall, redemption and restoration and what meaning that has for them. 
  • ThroughLines: Helping students discover who they are and develop their character through 10 faith-based identities, including the community builder, the justice seeker and the earth keeper. 
  • FLEx Experiences: Helping students take what they’ve learned and the skills they’ve developed out in the world to do God’s work providing real service for people in real need.
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