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Summer School Work Experience

Summer School Work Experience

Work Experience 25* OR  35* You can earn work experience credits over July and August. A maximum of 10 credits (250 hours) can be earned.

*Pre-requisite course required HCS3000  

**Remember only 10 Credits can be completed during Summer School**

Other courses can be taken during Summer School however the combination of the two courses cannot be more than 10 credits. 

Students registered in this program will be contacted by the beginning of June and may be required to complete a 1 credit pre-requisite online module before the end of June.

Students must have completed HCS3000 prior to July 2 to be enrolled in Work Experience.  If not completed you can come in to the School on or before July 2 (in person) to complete.  If HCS3000 is not completed by this date you will be automatically withdrawn on July 3.

For more information about this program, please contact Kimberly Darling ( or Stephen Pottage (403) 343-1354.
NOTE: Students must find their own employment or be currently employed.  

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