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Courses Offered

Summer School 2024 Courses offered

Please be aware that due to the abbreviated nature of the summer program, assignments and assigned readings form a large component of all our courses. Students should be prepared to spend up to 5 to 6 hours per day on each course. Students may now select TWO COURSES to complete during the Summer School session.  This could consist of a Core course and/or (1) Option course or (2) Option courses (to a maximum of 10 credits).

Prerequisite Requirements: 

Prerequisite courses must be completed and passed prior to summer school.  Students registered without the required prerequisites will be withdrawn from the course. Please verify any pre-requisite before registering as there are no refunds once registration is completed.

ALL COURSES WILL BE OFFERED ONLINE except Foods and Sports Performance (ATHLETE) . 

NOTE: Final Exams for all courses will be written in person at Pines Alternative School on July 25th and 26h

Courses being offered during Summer School 2024 are: (Course and class type is subject to change). We reserve the right to cancel any registrations due to low enrollment numbers. If WE cancel the course due to low enrollment numbers, we will give the option to switch course(s) or refund payment. 

Courses are offered Online only except the ones noted. Final Exams for all courses will be written in person at Pines Alternative School.(Note: 30 level core courses have Diploma exams written in person at a predetermined date and time in early August): 

  • Biology 20, 30
  • Chemistry 20, 30
  • English 10-1, 20-1, 30-1
  • English 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 
  • Math 10C*, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1,30-2 
  • Math 10-3*, 20-3*
  • Physics 20, 30
  • Science 10, 20, 30
  • Science 14, 24
  • Social Studies 10-1*, 20-1*, 30-1
  • Social Studies 10-2*, 20-2, 30-2

Options Courses (All ONLINE only)

  • CALM 20* (3 credit course)
  • Aboriginal Studies 10*, 20*, 30*
  • 21st Century Learning Bundle*  - 6 credits of CTS (INF1030, INF1060, INF1070, INF1910, COM1910, COM1255) Student will receive a Chromebook upon completion of course. Note: Red Deer Public school students ONLY please click on the following link 21st Century RDPSD Students to register. (Note this will be part of the 10 credit total offering.)
  • Forensic Science 25*, 35* (Note: Pre-Requisite is Science 14 or Science 10) 
  • Workplace Safety Bundle* 3 credits of CTS at  30 Level (HCS3000, HCS3010, AGR3000) 
  • Work Experience 15*, 25*, 35*  click here for more information
  • Personal Psychology 20*, General Psychology 20*, Abnormal Psychology 35* - each 3 credit (Personal and General are pre-req for Abnormal Psychology 35)
  • Marketing and Management 30* (5 Credit bundle)
  • Physical Education 10* (Available Online only)
  • Sports Performance ATHLETE* (NOTE: In person only -minimum requirement of students registered to offer this class.) A portion of this course fee is NON-REFUNDABLE ($25.00). The student will receive a T shirt upon completion of program. This is a 5 Credit course bundle.
  • Foods*  A portion of this course fee is NON-REFUNDABLE ($25.00). (NOTE: in person only - minimum requirement of 12 students registered to offer this class) This is a 5 credit course bundle. 

*These courses do not require materials*

You can now register in Two COURSES during Summer School (one core and one option, or two options - to a maximum of 10 credits)

We will not offer courses or courses of specific type (in person or online) with low enrollment numbers.

We have the option to cancel any course offerings due to low enrollment numbers.

What does learning look like in Summer School 2024

  • Method of delivery for Core subjects will be delivered through In person daily attendance and also available through an Online virtual platform.  This may be done through Moodle, Google classroom &/or Brightspace. 
  • Sports Performance (ATHLETE)  is available in person only.  
  • Foods is in person only.
  • Method of delivery for Core courses and Options subjects will be delivered Online only.  This may be done through Moodle, Google classroom &/or Brightspace. 
  • Pines Alternative School will be open daily during the Summer School session during the hours of 8:30  am to 1:00 pm.
  • Mandatory daily attendance for in person classes and/or virtual classroom and teacher contact expectations must be met.
  • Final exams for all courses will be in person at the school. 
  • A teacher specialized in the subject is available during school hours (8:30  am to 1:00 pm )  to assist the student and facilitate the course curriculum. The teacher will have expectations for all students in regard to assignment completion and daily deadlines will be in place.  
  • Course completion timeline is dependent on Teacher and Student. 
  • NO Refund will be given if registration is completed and the student/parent changes their plans. 
  • NO Refund will be given if the course (s) are not successfully completed.

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