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Mission, Vision, Values

What is the Pines Alternative School all about?

Pines is set up to support many students for many reasons. Ultimately, our school provides a flexibility with coursework and attendance that differs from a traditional school setting. This means a student can be very busy with sports competitions, part-time work, medical procedures or appointments, moving mid-year, needing an extra course,  or have circumstances preventing regular attendance, all of which may require greater flexibility in their educational delivery. Students can find alternative options for their education beyond the teacher taught/attendance based traditional school delivery model.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage students, as unique and diverse learners, to reach their highest levels of  academic excellence, preparing them for living in a global society. Our goal is to make high school completion a reality for our students.

Program Philosophy

1. Rationale

  • Motivation and atmosphere enhance a student’s capabilities and increases their academic success.
  •  Every student is capable of learning.
  •  Learning rates and styles vary among individual students so options must be made available.

2. Objectives

The Pines Alternative School provides students with an alternative to the conventional school environment. The focus of our school is to facilitate each student's personal growth, as well as to promote and develop skills which will allow the students to become responsible and self-directed learners.  It is hoped that students will acquire a lifelong appreciation for learning.

3. Beliefs

The staff at the school believe all students will be successful. Staff foster this belief by enhancing communication, empowering students in the decision making process, promoting awareness of community resources and encouraging self-reliance. As a school we have a critical role in supporting a student's journey to High School Completion.

4. Goals

  • To provide flexibility in the student’s education program
  • To allow students to set educational and career objectives
  • To provide an alternative to a conventional school environment
  • To provide students with an opportunity to complete their education
  • To build relationships with students
  • To facilitate student’s personal growth and academic development
  • To promote responsibility and self direction
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