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About Us

About Us

From the Principal

Welcome to École Oriole Park School.  We look forward to working with you and providing your child(ren) a wide variety of engaging learning experiences. 

This year at École Oriole Park School, we are continuing our focus on literacy, numeracy and the six values for Learning & Life:  Respectful, Curious, Responsible, Collaborative, Resilient, and Healthy.  Aligned with our school vision, we are committed to providing exemplary instruction, in a safe and caring environment. Our staff works hard to ensure that each child, every day, has a successful learning experience and that they contribute to the well-being of others. 

We feel strongly that collaboration is a key part of the education process at our school. We strive to have an excellent working relationship with parents and other community stakeholders.  Parents are invaluable partners in our learning community. We have an open-door policy (as much as COVID-19 restrictions will allow) and encourage parents to become involved as parent volunteers and on our school council.  Although this year has its challenges with COVID-19 restricting access to the building, we look forward to a positive turn which allows our parents to be a contributing factor in the education and development of the students at OP.   École Oriole Park School is a dual-track school offering educational programs in English and in French Immersion.  Our goal is to provide positive and challenging learning opportunities for students in each of the programs. We are committed to the development of respect and celebration of diversity.

Please feel free to call should you wish further information about École Oriole Park School or join as a voice and collaborative support through School Council.  Join us as we venture forward together in making the 2021-2022 school year an excellent one!

Lori Irvine


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