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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Motto

Where friendships begin!   Toujours amis!

Our Vision

At École Oriole Park, we believe all children can become responsible citizens who exemplify the strength of character reflecting respect, curiosity, collaboration, resilience and healthy choices. Students will continue through their lives to achieve personal success in their many endeavours with the foundation built in our school community and further enhanced as they learn through to graduation.

Our Mission

At École Oriole Park we value and model global citizenship.  We work together as a collaborative team to create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students and staff.  We embed the values of curiosity, respect, responsibility, collaboration, resilience and making healthy choices both in and outside the classroom building a warm, safe, and caring community.

Our Goals

  • to assist each child as they acquire the necessary skills to build upon their knowledge, understanding, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • to support students in fostering a positive attitude towards self and others and to develop self-confidence and self-direction.
  • to provide guidance and opportunity for students to develop good character, leadership and active citizenship.
  • to recognize and celebrate the unique contributions and successes of all those involved in our school community.
  • to demonstrate that instruction and its improvement is the most important focus of École Oriole Park School.
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