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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Motto

Where friendships begin; toujours amis

Our Vision

École Oriole Park School is committed to providing exemplary instruction, in a safe and caring environment. To meet the needs of its students, École Oriole Park School endeavours to ensure that every child, every day, has a successful learning experience and that they contribute to the well-being of others.

Our Mission

At École Oriole Park School we believe our students demonstrate our four core values:

  • respectful (show respect for themselves, for others, for learning and their environment),
  • kind
  • proactive 
  • resilient

Our Goals

  • to assist each child as they acquire the necessary skills to build upon their knowledge, understanding, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • to support students in fostering a positive attitude towards self and others and to develop self-confidence and self-direction.
  • to provide guidance and opportunity for students to develop good character, leadership and active citizenship.
  • to recognize and celebrate the unique contributions and successes of all those involved in our school community.
  • to demonstrate that instruction and its improvement is the most important focus of École Oriole Park School.
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