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School Profile

Central Middle School serves over 630 students in grades 6 to 8. We offer a range of programming for students that includes; main stream English, Early French Immersion, Late French Immersion, and English as a Second Language. The school has a staff that consists of 33 teaching staff plus a strong core of 12 support staff.

Central has a very unique profile which, in fact, makes the entire city our community. The English program within the school serves the communities of Evergreen, Oriole Park, Riverside Meadows, Clearview Ridge, Timberlands and the City Central core areas.  For our French Immersion programs, the late and early immersion students come from all areas of the city as we are the designated French Immersion middle school for Red Deer Public.  Central is also the designated ELL (English Language Learners) middle school for Red Deer Public, as such we serve the entire city for this program as well.

Our profile provides our school with a very unique mix of students from in and around Red Deer and makes it a great place for students of all backgrounds to learn and meet new people.

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