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School Profile

School Profile:

The Spanish Bilingual program opened its doors in 2012, when it was located at G.H. Dawe School, with the first ECS class. In September 2014, the program moved to its own location at Escuela Pines School with classes in ECS, Grade 1 and 2. Every year, a new grade is added.  To accomodate growth of this program, in September 2017 the program moved to Escuela Vista Grande with classes up to grade 7.  The School Board is very committed to the program, and the enrolment growth is amazing every year! 

This year, we will have a student population of approximately 225 students.  Escuela Vista Grande is committed to surrounding its students with a high level of Spanish language and culture. All of our staff, from our EAs, secretary and teaching staff is able to communicate in Spanish and they represent a variety of cultures. We have 14 teachers/administrators, and 7 classified/facility services staff members for a total staff of 21 dedicated adults.

Despite still being a small school, the language and culture are thriving. The feeling of community makes everyone feel very welcomed at our school. We receive an amazing level of parent support, ranging from the School Council, special events committee, fundraising group, hot lunch program, and much more.

Being a school belonging to the International Spanish Academy, we were again able this year to apply for the visiting teacher program. We currently have two visiting teachers amongst our staff.

Escuela Vista Grande is a school of choice, and any student residing in the City of Red Deer may apply to join our program. Students living outside of the city are considered when room and resources are available.

We look forward to the year ahead, and the staff renews its commitment to offering the highest level of education in a safe and caring environment.

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