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Mission, Vision, Values

Vision, Mission, Beliefs:


“Providing an engaging, bilingual learning environment where students will build their foundation to be successful world citizens.”


“Building upon the natural curiosity and sense of wonder of our learners.”


“Together…We dream and achieve!”

“Juntos…soñamos y logramos.”

Belief Statements with regards to:

Student Learning and Academic Achievement:

Students will be provided with a caring and stimulating learning environment that will support collaboration, innovation, communication and independence as learners.

Our students will be appropriately challenged and motivated to expand their learning through exploration, discovery and play.

The staff will strive to develop a strong love of learning in their students that will prepare them for their transition into the next grade.

We will nurture a strong community of ambitious and determined learners embracing new opportunities through bilingual excellence.


Teachers and Educational Assistants will develop and improve their teaching/facilitating skills through reflective practice and ongoing collaboration with their colleagues.

They will use and discuss their annual professional growth plan in collaboration with their administrators.

The staff will maintain a high standard of Spanish communication between themselves and students.

Bilingual Communication:

Our students will achieve excellence (modeling accents and cadence) when speaking, reading, writing and listening in Spanish through problem solving development.

They will embrace the challenge of using both Spanish and English languages to learn and discover the similarities, differences and nuances of language learning, thereby receiving the added benefit of developing the whole brain.


Computer based literacy will provide students with the skills to collect, evaluate and share information in a way that makes the most sense to them.

Students will use technology to have access to the world, specifically to the Spanish speaking culture.

Global Citizenship:

We believe that caring begins in our school through respect, empathy and integrity.

Students will feel part of the Spanish speaking world and community by engaging in meaningful cultural activities.

Our students will appreciate and understand the importance of caring for the environment and experience the joy of giving to others.

Active Healthy Living:

Our students will be provided with daily opportunities to be active.

We believe in the importance of emotional and physical well-being as crucial factors in a child’s ability to maximize their potential.

Reaching Out to Stakeholders:

The School Council will have meaningful involvement as an advisory body to the school.

Parents will receive timely communication through the school and teachers’ newsletters, the school Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and the school’s website.

Parents and community members will have opportunities to partake in the life of the school.

Students and staff will participate in community events and build relationships outside the school.

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