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Parent Association

Playground update 10/31/2023

The 5 "W's of the Glendale's Parent Association


Who are the members of the Parent Association?

We are everyday parents. Some are married, some are not. We have jobs, some have two. We have children who go to Glendale. We run them all over Red Deer to their events such as sports and dance. We have very little to no spare time for ourselves, but we care about our children.


What does the Parent Association do?

We are a society that raises money to support our students. We organize events for students and their family. We seek donations from outside areas such as businesses and committees. We organize fundraisers, bingos and casinos.


Where does our funding go?

The Association has gaming funds that are used to financially support educational events, speakers and programs. We paid for half the purchase price of our school bus, and annually pay for bus maintenance. Owning our own bus keeps costs lower for field studies saving parents the cost of higher fees.


Why be an Active Parent?

We all should know what is going on in our children's school, what they are doing, who is teaching them... because at this age much of their time is spent in school.

We all need to ask ... what can I do to help my child and their education? We are the voice for our children. They struggle if we are not heard.


...Do I become an Active Parent or an Association member?

Become active by sharing your ideas, thoughts and concerns. Volunteer some time. Come, participate and listen to guest speakers at our Parent Association meetings. We gather every third Tuesday of the month for an hour. Coffee and treats are usually on hand. WE NEED YOU!!!!


Click here for the Glendale Parent Association's current bylaws.

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