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Eastview Middle School Registration Information

Welcome to Eastview Middle School! We are extremely excited to have your child join us for the 2024/2025 school year! 

Please take a glance through the following items below. The links will take you to information that will be important for your child’s registration at Eastview Middle School. 

  1. The most important item to complete is your RSVP. By completing this through PowerSchool, we are able to put your child on the class list and ensure their registration for Eastview Middle School. 

  1. Please ensure you and your child have gone through our detailed Option Course Description list. This list can be located at the bottom of this page labeled ‘Required forms and registration process”. This detailed document will highlight the option courses that are offered to all grade 6, 7, and 8 students. It is important to read through these carefully as options change between grade levels. 

  1.  Option Course Planning Templates: These have been included at the bottom of the page as well. These templates will help prioritize courses that your child would like to take while attending Eastview Middle School. Please note, all students are required to take Physical Education and Wellness. These courses must be chosen in the registration process. 

Additional information available:

Grade 6 Registration RSVP

Required forms and registration process


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