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New position to help ensure students are well prepared for the future

Career Engagement Coordinator

A new Career Engagement Coordinator for Red Deer Public Schools aims to help ensure students are well prepared for their future following graduation.

“Education, raising awareness and providing opportunities to students so they can continue on a successful path after high school is key,” said Renee Rudolph, Career Engagement Coordinator with Red Deer Public Schools. “We work hard to show kids as many opportunities and possibilities that are available to them after high school, so that they can make an informed decision for their future.”

This is done through career fairs, one on one discussions with a career counsellor, class presentations, parent information evenings, and bringing in guest speakers from industry. 

One of the Division’s priorities is Student Success and Completion, which focuses on ensuring school is a successful journey students experience from early learning, through all grades, to high school completion, and beyond.

“Figuring out what students don’t like to do is an easy first step, because then it narrows it down to things that they are interested in,” she said. “It’s important that students try things - they don’t have to do something for life - but trying things and determining whether they like them is really important.”

Throughout the school year, Renee will visit middle schools to talk with students about all of the opportunities they have after high school. She also ensures high school students are educated about the variety of career and post secondary options as well.

“We want to expose students to all of the opportunities they have following their high school graduation. It’s important to start talking to students at the middle school level because it gets them thinking,” she said. “With the job market today, I think for some it is overwhelming because there are so many options, so helping them narrow their interests down is helpful.”

In addition, Renee said her job is extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

“I really enjoy making connections with people in the community and value the work I do with the businesses in the community to create opportunities for our students to learn in the workplace,” said Renee. “Helping kids grow into contributing members of society is important to me and to Red Deer Public.”

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