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Mission, Vision, Values

Vision Statement

A safe and caring environment where every child maximizes their potential.

Mission Statement

Striving for excellence in academic achievement and interpersonal relationships to positively enhance life-long success of students.


At West Park Elementary, we value:

  • Respect, responsibility and caring for all members of our school community.
  • Input and involvement of our parents as they join us to form a strong partnership.
  • Support and participation of our community partners in meeting the needs of students.


At West Park Elementary School, we believe that:

  • Education of children is the shared responsibility of the home, school and community.
  • Each child is unique with an individual learning rate, style, potential and motivation.
  • Successful learners are those who are dedicated, exert personal effort and establish good work habits and study skills.
  • Success at school is significant in developing a healthy self-concept, self-esteem and good citizenship.
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