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About Us

About Us

Welcome Message

Welcome to Mattie McCullough Elementary School!

It’s a new school year and we  look forward to a great year of learning and growing for our school family. Mattie McCullough is focused on academic excellence, personal growth, and health and wellness.  As we work to develop well rounded citizens of our school community, we support students to do their best.  Along with our students, we have high expectations for academic achievement and for all to meet high expectations of behaviour in our school.

Our school focus on literacy and numeracy continues to build the foundational skills for our students to reach high school graduation and be successful in the future.  We will have a school wide focus that will foster the knowledge, skills and understanding in all of our children.  The focus will be critical thinking and problem solving skills. These will be the foundation to build their knowledge on.

As a diverse and inclusive community, we provide a safe and caring environment where all students can grow and learn.  All students will be guided to be responsible citizens, who take responsibility for their actions.  We will build resiliency, grit and perseverance in all of our children.  It is these fundamental skills that will help them to be successful in all of their life choices.

The cooperation and partnership between home and school is vital to the success of our students and provides the best encouragement and support for  the children.  We encourage you to be actively involved in your child’s education and to discuss their teacher the ways in which you would like to be involved.  Please stop in to the school office to visit!

Kim Kirkwood, Principal

Crystal Kjelsberg, Vice Principal

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