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Mission, Vision, Values

We are very proud of our Mattie McCullough Elementary School culture. In "shaping tomorrow's future today," there are a number of principles that guide us in caring for our students and providing the best teaching and learning environment possible...

At MMES we:

  • Foster and instill a love of lifelong learning by encouraging children to achieve to the best of their abilities.
  • Provide quality instruction in a safe and caring environment by fostering independence, responsibility, and respect.
  • Have clear expectations, philosophies and policies which are implemented and embraced by the entire school community.
  • Have developed a sense of community and belonging.
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere.

At MMES our:

  • Students are motivated, respectful, responsible, inquisitive and therefore, empowered to learn.  They feel safe and have a sense of belonging in the school community. The students are active participants, striving to meet their full potential.
  • Staff members are positive role models who continue to learn and implement new strategies.  The staff is a team of dedicated professionals, committed to providing excellent learning experiences that foster success.
  • Parents are informed, responsible and supportive partners in their child’s education. They feel welcome and have a sense of belonging in the school community.


  • Classrooms are environments that are welcoming, safe, productive and organized.
  • The students walk in the hallways in a quiet, orderly fashion, keeping hands to themselves, not disturbing other classes. The hallways are clean with decorated walls and are an extension of classrooms where student learning and consideration for a positive, safe, and caring learning environment is paramount.
  • Assemblies are a celebration of student learning and accomplishments. They build school community and school spirit and are a display of attentive and respectful behaviour.
  • The playground is a place where students are engaged in active play within a safe, caring and respectful environment. Students are respectful of rules and others.  They are dressed appropriately and exit and enter in an orderly fashion.
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