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Luna from Japan


1.  Why did you choose to come to Canada/Red Deer?

I decided to go to the Gateway Christian School.  So I was able to belong to two schools, Lindsay Thurber and Gateway.  I always go to the gateway after lunch, and There is only me as an international student. Don't you think it's cool?  You will have more opportunities to interact with Canadians.  The teacher always helps me. Also, Red deer is not a city, but it's not a countryside. Good for international students who are coming to learn. 

2.  How is school different here?

Everything is different from Japanese schools. I’m really satisfied to stay in here, and I thought it is important to be able to show individuality. In Japan, you can't dye your hair,do nails and do make-up at school. Everyone is a different style every da I like this culture. 

Also I only take 4 subjects in one semester. I still cannot believe it, and this suits my life. You can take your favorite subject and the class always ends around 3 o'clock.  My favorite subjects are photography, cosmetology, and gym class. English, social studies and biology are kinda difficult for me, but I have completed them with the help of my teachers and friends

3.  What to you like about our program?

I think here’s program is really nice. We had so many trips and activities. There are a lot of kind people who always care about me.  The response is excellent and quick, and when I changed my host family, they changed immediately. 

4 .  Do you have any advice for future students?

If you want a great experience, you should choose here.  School events are fun, and also events only for international students are awesome too. I think it's important to try without fear of failure. 

5.  Anything else to add?  ie favorite thing, experience,etc

I have both schools in Japan and Canada now. I’m grade 11 in Canada, but I’m already grade 12 in Japan. Which means it’s really hard, and I have so many assignments. BUT I’M REALLY HAPPY TO STAY IN HERE. I LOVE CANADA, AND I LOVE ENGLISH!!! 

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