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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Annie L. Gaetz School

Annie L. Gaetz Elementary School's motto is "A Place Where Children Count". Our school is committed to providing outstanding instruction in a safe and caring atmosphere. Our staff works in partnership with students, parents, and the community to ensure that each child takes responsibility for their learning, so that success can be experienced everyday.

In order to foster a dynamic, learning-centered environment, we hold the expectation that all students can be successful. We know that children learn in different ways, so we endeavour to provide a wide range of learning experiences in the classroom in order that individual students will know and use their strengths and will always strive to be the best that they can be.

We foster a strong partnership between the home and the school. We develop strong communication links through the use of the student agenda and we value the cooperative relationship between the home and the school as the essential  factor in each student's success. Parents are welcome in the school as members of the School Council and as volunteers in classrooms.

Respect for others and the right for every individual in the school to learn in a safe and caring environment is a fundamental aspect of life at our school. The expectation is that each individual has the right to learn and to be treated as a valuable, capable, and worthwhile individual.

Our students are expected to be responsible for their actions and choices in learning as well as in their relationships with others. By being responsible, students learn to take pride in their academic accomplishments and in their interpersonal skills in our inclusive learning community

Students at Annie L. Gaetz experience learning core curriculum through the Fine Arts.  Both professional and volunteer artists, musicians and actors provide assistance to teachers in order to integrate core curriculum with the Arts.  Students become more literate in the Fine Arts and learn non-traditional ways of learning and understanding educational concepts

Visual Arts – Provincial and local artists provide opportunities for students to draw, paint, do printmaking, sculpture, fabric arts and photography/technographic art.

Music – National, provincial and local musicians provide opportunities for students to experience instrumental (pitched and non-pitched instruments, recorder, handbells) and choral music on a daily basis based on Kodaly and Orff philosophies.

Drama – Provincial and local actors provide opportunities for students to engage in dramatic play, choral speech, storytelling, Reader’s Theatre and group drama.

We are proud to be your partner in your child's education. Together we can accomplish much and can make this year a positive learning experience for all.

Mrs. Deanne Good


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