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Division Programs

Red Deer Public Schools celebrates diversity and equity in our classrooms by focussing on inclusive programming to support diverse learners alongside their peers. Parents are encouraged to register their child(ren) in their neighbourhood or community school.  

The School Learning Team will work with families to explore placement in a congregated district program if determined the needs of the child or youth and their family will be best supported in this environment.  All placement decisions for the above programs must be approved at the district level in consultation with the Student Services Department.  Students enrolled in congregated programs will have the opportunity to learn within an inclusive setting for a portion of the day.  This will be individualized and flexible so as to meet the needs of the learner.

Teachers will develop an ISP (Individualized Support Plan) for any student requiring targeted or specialized supports.  Families are encouraged to share information about their child or youth with school staff as well as take part in the goal setting or programming process as we work toward a goal of successful high school completion.


Students enrolled in District programs may be eligible for transportation to school.  Application forms and fees may be required.  For more information please visit the Transportation website:

Program Name
Program Description
Provides functional academic and vocational instruction for students with moderate developmental delays who are also experienceing delays with adaptive social skills.

G H Dawe Community School
Westpark Middle School
Hunting Hills High School
Lindsay Thurber Composite High School

Journeys Learning Program
A partnership that offers daily treatment and education to youth with complex mental health needs.  Journeys Fact Sheet
Alternative School Centre
Delivers a living skills program to students with severe to profound developmental delays who may also have physical, sensory or medical conditions.

Oriole Park Elementary
Westpark Middle School
Lindsay Thurber Composite High School

Parkland School
Serves students with severe to profound developmental disabilities and complex medical needs.
Private School
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