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About Us

About Us

From the Principal/Welcome Message

Welcome to Westpark Middle School. Whether this is your first year, your last year, or somewhere inbetween, we want all students to have a great experience at Westpark and to make the most of their middle school experience. 

At Westpark we are committed to supporting students' behavioral and academic needs through the Circle of Recognition. The circle is based on the ideas of the Indigenous Medicine Wheel and also incorporates a compass.  The circle symbolizes equality and that all who enter it have a voice and will be heard. As well, the compass and medicine wheel use the four cardinal directions and represent spiritual (E), mental (N), physical (W) and emotional (S) wellbeing. Finally, the circle is a representation of how we want to wrap around students to provide holistic supports as they grow through adolescence. Through Leadership, Effort, Achievement, Dignity, Excellence and Responsibility, we are excited to see how you choose to be a LEADER at Westpark. 

Our school staff are committed to supporting students in their journey of lifelong learning. Respect for others and the right of all students to learn and be treated with respect and dignity is an expectation of this school. 

Middle school is an exciting time to try new things and get involved in all the clubs, activities and opportunities we have to offer. We encourage all our students to do their best, but it is also important to branch out and try something new, maybe even discover a new passion.  

There are so many opportunities to grow and explore at Westpark. I am excited to be a part of your journey in becoming a LEADER.

Have a great year Wildcats!!

K. Brand

Ms. Kelly Brand

Principal, Westpark Middle School

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