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School Profile

Our Vision:

Nurturing a community of compassionate, conscientious and confident learners demonstrating academic success and responsible behavior.

Statement of Values:

We believe that it is important that parents and the school work together to assist our students in developing and demonstrating the following desirable characteristics:

Ethical/moral characteristics: empathy, kindness, conscience, fairness/justice, tolerance, honesty, tolerance, forgiveness, commitment to democratic ideals, loyalty, respect, responsibility.

Intellectual characteristics: open-mindedness, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, creativity, pursuit of excellence, appreciation.

Social/personal characteristics: cooperation, acceptance, conservation, industriousness, self-control, image of strong self-worth, perseverance, neatness, attentiveness, unselfishness.

The school will demonstrate and model the above characteristics when dealing with students, parents/guardians, community members and colleagues.

The school also recognizes that students and their parents are our primary clients. This recognition will see the school:

  • place the best interest of students first
  • ensure timely accessibility to students, parents and the community
  • provide mechanisms for appropriately involving students and parents
  • provide a safe and productive learning environment
  • be accountable and fiscally responsible.

We believe that:

  • all children can learn
  • positive partnerships in learning are essential
    • between student and teacher
    • between teacher and parent
    • between teacher and teacher
    • between school and community
  • a safe and orderly school is necessary in order to teach and learn.

The values we uphold reflect the values of Red Deer Public School District and of our community.

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