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Mission, Vision, Values


Welcome to our school!  We are here to build upon the greatness in each and every learner, adult and visitor. We will strive to EMBRACE our learners each and every day, reminding them that: 

“At Fairview School, everyone is cool.
Our school is the heart of our community
People are Kind and Friendly.”

“Once a Firebird, Always a Firebird!”

Welcome to Fairview Elementary School.  We are a student-centered school. We support our district’s vision and mission:

Our Vision: A culture of respect, inclusion, caring, and excellence, where every student succeeds.

Our Mission: Striving for excellence by inspiring learning and nurturing hope in every student.

Our core values include:  “Every child is filled with Greatness!”,  “Every child has the right to a literate life”, “All children can learn”, and “Everyone is  a leader in their own learning.” We believe in the motto: “Lead, Read, and Succeed”.   

At Fairview, we have built our mission and vision collectively, using  the Fairview Rocks of Respect (Pillars of Understanding) which include:


Respect:  At Fairview School, we strive to learn, live, demonstrate and understand the Fairview Four:  I respect myself; I respect learning; I respect others, and I respect property.

Honesty: At Fairview School, we are each responsible for our own actions, feelings, and words.

Courage: At Fairview School, we advocate for ourselves and others as we experience new cultures, new adventures, and learning.

Kindness: At Fairview School, we strive to be kind every time and we treat each other the way we would like to be treated.

Service: At Fairview School, we share our gifts and talents with others to make a difference in our homes, our school, and our community.

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