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Kim Walker

Staff Biography

Kim Walker

Administrators - Principal


Phone 403-346-5765
Address 4331 34 Street

Hello!  My name is Kim Walker and I am honored to be selected as the new principal in your learning community at Mountview Elementary.  I look forward to learning more about our students, and families at Mountview and can’t wait to meet you!

Thank you for entrusting your child's educational welfare to our staff this year.  Our dedicated staff will create positive, successful, and productive learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment. I believe that there is strength in honoring diversity and celebrating each other's unique heritage and background.  We are better together!  

Respect at our school is a very important part of how we practice creating a safe and caring school. I thank you in advance for your partnership and collaboration.  If ever you need to seek clarification on a question that you have, please reach out to one of our staff members, and or the administration team. We look forward to meeting with you, and working together to make your child(ren)’s year at Mountview a successful, happy and fulfilling learning experience!

About Me:

I have a very strong interest in early literacy and creating strong and confident readers, writers, and speakers at our school. I believe that if a child can read, they can do absolutely anything that they want to!  I want to assure you that as we implement a new curriculum our teachers will welcome your child and attend to both their strengths and stretches as a young learner.  I truly believe that our students are in the best hands possible, with strong, dedicated and caring teachers who want to ensure that each child succeeds.  

With your support through the year, we will ensure that our students have the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience; becoming more confident, resilient and striving to be the best they can be.  I look forward to learning the ‘YETI’ ways and growth mindset at Mountview!

This coming year, I recognize that Mountview will have several helpful routines for hand hygiene and school safety.  Together, we will strive to make our school a community of care and build a sense of belonging.  I can guarantee that your child will participate in educational experiences that they will treasure for many years!   

On behalf of our school, students, families, and staff, I thank you in advance for working together to make this school year an amazing one - together!   


Yours in Partnership and Learning,

Ms. Kim Walker, Principal 

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