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Red Deer Public promotes a culture of wellness throughout the Division

Health and wellness

Promoting a culture of wellness throughout Red Deer Public Schools is the goal of two new Division Wellness Coordinators.

Sean Grainger and Carolyn Stolte joined the Division’s Student Services team in part-time roles last fall as they also serve as Vice Principals at two elementary schools in Red Deer Public. They support healthy school communities to help embed a sustainable culture of wellness for staff, students, and their families.

“In Red Deer Public Schools, we define wellness as fostering learning and working environments that support the development and maintenance of healthy people, positive connections and purposeful learning,” said Stolte.

Grainger added their wellness vision includes school communities that continuously provide healthy environments for working, learning, and living.

“Wellness is important for our Division and it has evolved over the years. We want to impact wellness from an organizational perspective and ensure our Division’s wellness practices have a lasting impact. It’s about creating a wellness culture that is embedded in all that we do,” he said.

Since beginning in their Wellness Coordinator roles, Stolte and Grainger have met with staff at schools including administrators and Wellness Influencer School Teams to hear what makes a culture of wellness in their school buildings.

“We have heard three recurring themes which include how to construct use of time, communication and navigating challenging situations,” said Grainger. “Our four wellness directions of people, learning, connections and environments will work to address those challenges and concerns.”

Stolte said the response to a promoting culture of wellness has been welcomed across the Division.

“I have really enjoyed the collaboration process and the ability to connect with all schools,” said Stolte. “To be part of something that has an impact on all of Red Deer Public Schools is pretty amazing.”

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