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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

West Park Ways (PBIS)

At West Park Elementary we value educating the whole child and helping our students become well-rounded, caring, respectful, responsible, and resilient individuals who contribute to society in positive ways. With this in mind, we have instituted a school-wide system of Positive Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The goal of PBIS is to establish learning environments that support the positive behavior of students through pro-active instruction, routines, incentives, classroom management and intervention policies.  PBIS involves the entire school population in promoting and rewarding positive behaviors.  Through data analysis, planning takes place to help prevent negative or risky behaviors, in order to create a safe, supportive learning environment.


Our main school expectations are embedded in the West Park Ways:

Be Respectful.
Be Responsible.
Be Resilient.

These positive behavior expectations will be taught and reinforced through:

  1. Proactive Instruction - Behavior is learned. Thus we will be providing lessons to teach behavioral expectations, as well as effective strategies students can use to achieve positive and safe behaviors. Children will learn how to meet these behavior expectations in all settings encountered every day in school such as the classroom, library. gymnasium, hallway, bathroom, and playground.  These expectations will be displayed in a matrix, and will be posted in the school.  Expectations will be taught using a range of strategies that include modeling, practice and role playing.  Videos, guest speakers, and social stories are also incorporated into lessons to reinforce desired behavior.  
  2. Recognition of Positive Behaviors - Students’ use of positive behavior has already been and will continue to be regularly recognized and promoted through the use of Wolf Winner slips which focus on a specific character trait each month.  
  3. Student Leadership - Students develop and promote a sense of belonging by taking on leadership roles throughout the school year.  Leadership opportunities include AMA Safety Patrols, Office Leaders, Phys. Ed. Team (promoting intramural activities), Amazing Announcers, and Library Team.

Please click HERE to see our West Park Ways Matrix of expected student behaviour.

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